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Ongan group's quality policy is being leader in quality in the sector and abiding the quality management system conditions to respond the customers' needs and expectations,restoring the quality management system permanently and never compromissing from the quality

As Ongan group;

*Costs in control.
*Quality assuranced product.
*Well trained and conscious staff.
*MAnagement respectful to natural resources and eviroment.
*Employees and management who take custumer satisfaction on their first priority.
*Has established Quality Management System and ensures its permanency.

By the year of 2010 Ongan group has taken a big step to a Project.It is 6 SIGMA(zero error) term the last point of developing and quality restoring technique.
Why 6 sigma?;

*To detect opportunities for improvement
*To reduce all kind of changeable loss result from productivity and poor quality,
*To exceed customers' expectations
*To analyse the data by scientific studies and turn them into knowledge,then take the right decisions by using this knowledge.
*To motivate and complete the employees,
*To increase competitive power.

In accordance with these thoughts a team from management staff has been organised and has continued its studies and working under the title of The Cost Of Poor Quality.