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  • Interview with Ongan Chairman of the Board Suat Erdogan, ITKIB “Target 221” in June issue
Interview with Ongan Chairman of the Board Suat Erdogan, ITKIB “Target 221” in June issue

Interview with Ongan Chairman of the Board Suat Erdogan, ITKIB “Target 221” in June issue.

 ONGAN Textile became the first in Ready Made clothing sector in Successful Exporters Ceremony organized by ITKIB with realized 2011 export figure. Ongan Textile Chairman of the Board, Suat Erdogan says “main fact is teamwork, equitable management & sharing to achieve success.

 Ongan Textile operates as having 15 thousand square meter closed production facility & 6 thousand sqm storage area in Istanbul and also having an area of 15 thousand sqm production facility in Moldova. Ongan Textile, Chairman of the Board Suat Erdogan “ All of our friends working in our company, they are convinced that no invidual discrimination between employees; they are sure and know well that they will get value as long as work with heart and soul, this moves up the confidence of our team friends to highest level in company and also increases performance incredibly. Briefly mutual trust, sincere and friendly working and sharing are positioned in our success he says.

 Ongan Textile at the summit four years

 Since the establishment, Suat Erdogan states that, they acted with awareness of compatible & trained teamwork as first requirement provided customer satisfaction, protected transparency policies in line with continuosly evolving targets. Erdogan said they aimed to increase production while maintaining certain balances and underlined that their priority principles and objectives to ensure the continuity of a pleasant working environment by acting together with a young dynamic team.

 Suat Erdogan said Ongan Textile and İpek Textile companies within Ongan Group, take place in export & industrial manufacturer list since 2006 and they are in Turkey’s Top 500 Exporter Companies. Suat Erdogan attracts attention to Platinum Achievement Award given by ITKIB since last 4 years that they received.

 “In 2012, we are ambitious”

 Suat Erdogan said that they raised objectives a little more each year in fields of activity as a company, “ In order to achive our goals, we have invested varied, provided satisfaction of our employees and have given much importance to Training & Quality. As a company, in 2012, we aimed to work hard & contribute to national economy & development. We believe that should be open to improvement for achieving success. Our duty is to be a real value for our country without compromising high Quality Services, without ignoring the social obligations and provide the maximum level of customer satisfaction in this course. For 2012 year, we’ll try to raise our successes more than achieved and to become a privileged position so far in the sector for this year, our goal is to export beyond export level achieved in 2011, he said.

 “Brand in the sector must be”

 Suat Erdogan said that he observed a considerable decrease in ready made clothing sector performance as well as impact of crisis in Europe he drawed the attention also with the expectation of crisis, the share of firms that reduce the diversity of model. By indicating that the effect of the crisis will be felt by sector in Europe until end of this year, Erdogan said the sector’ll come alive again, since starting 2013. In Turkish clothing sector in global league, the most important aspect that will take a step further is being a brand and branded Turkish clothing sector will have very important voice around the World, said Mr. Suat.